How To Increase Humidity In Your House

how to increase humidity in house

In the Winter months, humidity levels within your home can be low which can make for an unpleasant living environment. Low levels of humidity can lead to dry…

Saint For Selling Houses

saint for selling houses

There’s no doubt about it, selling a house is a stressful time. Whether you’re the vendor or even a realtor, the age old tradition of burying a saint to help sell a house might be of interest to you…

How To Keep Clothes From Fading

how to keep clothes from fading

Are you sick of your brightly colored clothes losing their vibrant colors over time? Or your black clothes turning gray? While fading of clothing is…

How to Budget for Your DIY Projects

How to Budget for Your DIY Projects

Have you ever been working on a DIY project only to realize you need to make another trip to the store? Maybe you didn’t realize you were running out of screws or you needed just a little bit more of something to get the job done. Those trips end up costing you money, and you … Read more