Here’s How to DIY a Budget-Friendly Home Refresh

Staying home during the pandemic has inspired many homeowners to go the DIY route when it comes to refreshing their homes. From making improvements on a budget to minimizing trips to the hardware store, it can be challenging to overhaul your home in this season. But there are ways to finish off your home refresh so you can enjoy the space — even on a budget.

Why Choose the DIY Route?

Whether you’re refreshing your own home or a real estate investment property, going the DIY route can save you money. It can also mean lowering the risk of contracting illness, especially during the pandemic — avoiding workers in or around your home is ideal.

Still, some tasks require a professional, whether for safety or legal reasons. If you do outsource work, be sure to maintain social distancing. Many companies are happy to offer contactless service as well.

Start with Cheap, High-Impact Projects

Whatever room you’re starting in, aim for cheaper DIY projects with high impact. Repainting the kitchen, for example, is much cheaper and quicker than refinishing your cabinets. That’s not to say you can’t DIY cabinet refinishing, but the task requires some special equipment and expertise.

In contrast, low-cost projects like repainting your front door, adding an accent wall, or installing new lighting can cost under $50 to complete, notes HGTV. You can also tackle many of these renovations in the time span of a weekend.

Cleaning Up and Clearing Out

Without question, a clean, clutter-free home is a truly welcoming place to be, not to mention that cleaning, organizing, and decluttering are practically free exercises in overhauling your home. If you enlist the rest of your household, all the better. Start by clearing out the clutter, cleaning, and then organizing. Before you know it, all the bad juju will be gone, and your home will look and feel like a million bucks.

You can also use this opportunity to look over your furniture to see if there are any pieces that need cleaning or upholstered. According to FIXR, you’ll end up spending on average between $750 and $3,500 to reupholster a couch depending on the size of the piece and the material used. It’s also important to check reviews before hiring anyone to tackle this job for you.

Explore Outdoor Spaces

Though staying home is the safest choice right now, that doesn’t mean you have to stay indoors. Plus, revamping your outdoor spaces may require less cash and more elbow grease — the perfect combination for DIYers. Pulling weeds and trimming hedges can help your yard feel neater and more welcoming. But other tasks like planting from seed are both low-cost and high-impact.

Keep in mind that any improvements, updates, or upkeep you apply to your green spaces — whether it be the lawn, landscaping, or potted plants on the porch — adds to your property’s curb appeal.

Alluring curb appeal is among the top amenities for home buyers, which may facilitate a faster sale should you one day put your house on the market. That same curb appeal is also a factor in the increased appraisal value of your home.

Let There Be (More) Light

Staying home can almost feel like hibernation. One way to liven up your home’s interior is by swapping out your light sources for brighter, fresher lighting. Halogen bulbs approximate natural daylight the best, notes Bob Vila, but they can also get hot.

Still, you can brighten up rooms with a range of lightbulb types and styles — and boost the mood in your household, too. The best part? Lightbulbs are one of the cheapest improvements you can add around your home.

Staying at home more necessitates that your home feel fresh, welcoming, and homey — not cramped, dark, and dated. Whatever DIYs you decide to tackle, keep your budget and abilities in mind when planning the scope of your projects. By being realistic about the improvements and keeping costs low, you’ll enjoy your home that much more when the work is complete.

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