Saint For Selling Houses

There’s no doubt about it, selling a house is a stressful time. Whether you’re the vendor or even a realtor, the age old tradition of burying a saint to help sell a house might be of interest to you.

Don’t worry, it’s not quite as macabre as it sounds, no saints are harmed in the process and proponents will tell you that this unusual practice will bring good luck to the process of selling your house. 

So, which saint are you supposed to bury to help with the sale of your house?

Saint Joseph! Saint Joseph is the patron saint of homes and subsequently the saint people turn to (or pray to) when it comes time to sell their house. 

Historically a religious practice for those who believe, some say burying a small Saint Joseph statue guarantees a good result with the sale.

These days both religious people and non-believers are commonly known to participate in the practice under the guise of ‘well, I guess it can’t hurt’.

Based on superstition or faith, there are a couple of ways you can call on Saint Joseph to help with the sale of your house.

Ways To Use Saint Joseph When Selling Your House

Bury Saint To Sell A House

The most common way to use Saint Joseph to bring you good luck in the sale of your house is to bury a small statue of the saint. Simply purchase a small statue and bury him somewhere on the property you wish to sell.

Some people like to bury their saint right near the ‘For Sale’ board, others opt for a simple hole in the backyard. Choose whichever you are comfortable with.

Saint In The Window To Sell A House

While traditionalists like to bury the saint, some are happy to simply display a statue of Saint Joseph in the window of the house they are trying to sell.

He can watch over the process from there and bring you good fortune in the sale of your house.

Pray To The Saint To Sell A House

This method is probably more for the religiously inclined folk but is simple enough for anyone to do. No statues are required for this trick, simply pray to Saint Joseph asking him to watch over and help with the sale of your house. With any luck he’ll be listening and your prayers will be answered!

Combine All Of The Above

Want to maximize your chances of selling your house? Why not combine all 3 tactics? You can even buy kits that come with instructions on the type of prayers you need to say and how and where to bury your Saint Joseph statue.

So, what have you got to lose? If your house is currently on the market, or you’re thinking about selling your home, it might be time to invest in a St Joseph statue and see if this age-old tradition, or superstition, works for you.

We can’t see how it could hurt – bury your saint and sell your house today!