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Ideas that Spark is geared toward family-oriented women who love smart solutions when it comes to everything family, from creating a healthy home for everyone to enjoy, eating right and spending time together at home or outside.

The program offers practical how-to content served with wit, humor and style.

These women know that often, the best things in life are free — or close to it.


Past contributors and editors

Natalia Macrynikola is a group editor at Studio One. She edits a broad range of beauty, health and lifestyle programs, including The Style Glossy and Completely You.

Caitlin Ultimo is an associate editor at Studio One. A former editor at Parenting.com and writer for Parents magazine, she specializes in parenting and family-driven lifestyle content.

Julie Andrews is a freelance beauty, health and lifestyle writer based in New York City. She has worked at SHAPE, Elle and Grandparents.com. Her articles have appeared on NYMag.com, Yahoo and MSN.

Lauren Fischer is a freelance beauty journalist and a former editor at Woman’s World magazineShe has written for a variety of lifestyle publications, including The Dog Daily and SavvyMiss.com.

Sarah Mahoney is a contributing editor at Parents and Prevention magazines. Her work also regularly appears in Family Circle and Good Housekeeping.

Aviva Patz is a freelance writer and editor who has written for many national publications, including Parents, Parenting, Health, Self, Redbook and Cooking Light.

Peg Rosen has contributed to numerous magazines and websites, including More, Self, Redbook, Real Simple, Parents, Family Circle, American Baby and WebMD.

Lisa Williams is a DIY décor and design blogger who loves to beautify spaces and build things from scratch. Find her at BeforeMeetsAfterBlog.com.


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