Why Is Sourdough Bread Better For You?

There’s a lot to be said about the benefits of eating sourdough bread – hint: it’s not just for the taste! While enjoying a slice of sourdough with some avocado or eggs at your local cafe might make you feel on trend, did you know it’s actually good for your health too?

There are many dietary benefits to eating sourdough bread, but the main difference between it and other types of bread is that it’s fermented. You see, most bread is leavened with yeast or baking powder.

In contrast, sourdough relies on a mixture of cereal flour and water that has been fermented by the lactobacillus bacteria for several days to create lactic acid.

Consuming sourdough bread is better for you than white bread because it has the power to combat the negative effects of gluten, wheat, and other protein ingredients found in flour.

Sourdough is made from a fermented blend of dough, usually mixed with yeast (not all sourdough bread has yeast added) and water or milk. It’s then left out to feed on naturally occurring lactobacillus bacteria that give it its signature tangy taste.

The lactobacillus in sourdough converts most proteins into lactic acid, rather than gluten, making sourdough less allergenic than wheat flour. So, it’s good news for the gluten intolerant among us.

is sourdough bread better than normal bread

Sourdough also contains the vitamin B12 that’s found in wheat flour, which many people don’t get enough of. It’s also one of the most satiating and anti-inflammatory foods, containing almost twice as many antioxidants as blueberries, for example.

Dr. Rudi Friesen explained: “Basic research has shown that sourdough bread has a higher content of nutrients than other breads. If you’re looking for the healthiest way to feed your body, then you should be eating sourdough.”

Research suggests baking sourdough bread at home may also help lower blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.

why is sourdough better for you

It can also reduce the risk of osteoporosis because it contains calcium and magnesium, vital for bone health.

Unlike white bread, which is mainly flour, sourdough bread uses more wheat and rye products such as oatmeal and seeds. These contain bran, which is rich in fiber that can bind with cholesterol and keep it from being absorbed by the body.

So, next time you need to choose a loaf (or a slice) of bread, choose sourdough bread – it’s better for you! Better yet, make your own sourdough starter at home (it’s easy, all you need is flour and water!) and then you can bake your own sourdough bread whenever you want to.

And it’s not just sourdough bread you can make with sourdough starter – homemade sourdough pizzas are to die for! You’ll never want to order pizza again, these homemade pizzas are so good! Or, get that fermented goodness into you with sourdough pancakes, muffins, cookies, or even sourdough brownies.