Best Smelling Herbs To Grow Indoors

You may have already read about the best smelling indoor plants, but what about herbs? Sure, they’re a plant too, but we thought we’d give you a rundown on the best smelling herbs to grow indoors too. Herbs are so versatile because not only can they look and smell nice, but they taste nice too!

Adding some freshly grown herbs to a dish can completely change the flavor profile. Not just for gardens, not everybody knows that herbs can be grown indoors too. There are a variety of herbs which are perfect for the growing conditions indoors, and they all come with their own distinctive smell.

Grow these in your kitchen or any other area where you have the space to plant and you’ll help to fill your home with the gorgeous aromas of freshly growing herbs!

The best fragrant herbs to grow indoors include basil, thyme, lavender and rosemary, but there are many more options if you’re looking for something different to try out.

All of these plants will require careful attention and a little bit of technical know-how but can make your home smell nice as well as provide an interesting hobby!

Most of these herbs can also be used in your fresh, home cooked food so, not only will they make your house smell nice, but they’ll also be useful for adding flavor to your food!

1. Basil

best smelling herbs to grow indoors basil

Basil is a very popular herb which comes in many different varieties. It has a sweet smell which can be used in cooking or for fragrant teas and drinks. You can grow this herb indoors in the winter and even outside if you live in the right areas of the world! 

2. Thyme

best smelling herbs to grow indoors thyme

Thyme is a pretty tough little herb. It can be used in cooking and in the bath, but is particularly popular for making teas and tisanes. The smell of thyme helps to create a relaxing atmosphere which leads many people to drink it during times of stress or anxiety. 

3. Lavender

best smelling herbs to grow indoors lavender

Lavender is another incredibly fragrant herb which can be used both in food and drinks as well as aromatherapy products like soap and lotion. The fragrance of lavender can help to relax your mind and body, making it perfect for times when you are feeling stressed or anxious. 

4. Rosemary

best smelling herbs to grow indoors rosemary

Rosemary is one of the most commonly found herbs in kitchens all around the world! It has a very distinct scent which helps to make your food have a more interesting taste.

Perfect for roast lamb or roasted potatoes, rosemary can fill your home with its unique scent whether it’s cooking in the oven or growing in a pot.

It’s also great for anti-aging skin care products since it helps to tighten up skin cells. Rosemary is a very hearty plant which will do well in pots and can even be planted outside during the right seasons.

5. Parsley

best smelling herbs to grow indoors parsley

Parsley and other members of the Apiaceae family (Dill, Caraway, Cumin, etc.) would make great choices for a fragrant indoor herb garden. They’re all pretty easy to grow indoors and don’t require much maintenance.

Also parsley is one of the most commonly used herbs when it comes to cooking, so it makes sense to have some growing indoors where you can easily grab some to use when you’re cooking or even garnishing a dish.

6. Sage

best smelling herbs to grow indoors sage

Sage has a very strong and pungent flavor which is perfect for cooking or for adding to teas, but it also has many other uses.

It’s great for getting rid of headaches since it contains thujone which helps to improve blood circulation and relax muscles. Sage can be used to help remove warts, bruises and dandruff as well as it being an excellent insect repellent.

7. Oregano

best smelling herbs to grow indoors oregano

Oregano is great for adding flavor to dishes but it’s also known for being a great anti-inflammatory and an antiseptic! It contains thymol which is not only easy on the stomach but also helps to kill germs. This herb is great for cleaning your house as well because it helps to get rid of unwanted odors!

8. Mint

best smelling herbs to grow indoors mint

Mint is a natural antiseptic which can be used both in food and in soothing teas. It’s also a great way to help you relax and calm your mind after a long day. It’s great in desserts, ice cream and drinks like mojitos! This herb is wonderful for getting rid of bad smells but is also a natural deodorizer.

9. Chamomile

best smelling herbs to grow indoors chamomile

Chamomile has a lovely scent that will help to calm your mind while also banishing headaches. It’s also great for relaxing your muscles, fights against depression and insomnia, reduces stress and helps to control blood sugar levels as well! This herb can also be used in drinks, teas and lotions.

fragrant herbs to grow indoors

Growing herbs indoors is easy to do if you have the right equipment and you know how! The best way to get some nice, fragrant herbs growing indoors at your house is to use an indoor herb garden.

Herb gardens are designed to give your herbs just the right amount of nutrients, water and light to create the perfect growing environment so that your indoor plants thrive. In the USA, AeroGarden seems to be the brand of choice for this type of equipment.

In the UK, you might like to check out iDoo. If you live elsewhere, see if there is an equivalent type of device for your region. For instance, the UrbiPod by Urbotanica is a great option if you happen to live in Australia.

Filling your home with the fresh aromas of home grown herbs is easy to do if you have the right knowledge and equipment. Now you know the best smelling herbs to grow indoors, there’s nothing to stop you from having the best smelling home in the neighborhood! (And the best herb garden too!).