The Benefits Of Eating Dry Ginger Powder

Eating raw ginger has long been associated with helping with digestion, preventing cancer, and lowering cholesterol. You can find out all about the health benefits of eating raw ginger here. But, what about if you don’t have any fresh or raw ginger at hand? Is powdered ginger going to give you the same benefits?

Ginger powder is a popular household ingredient which most people probably already have in their pantry. It can be added to tea or sprinkled in food (hello gingerbread men!) for instant flavor. However, what exactly does dry ginger powder do? Keep reading to find out more about the benefits of eating it!

Benefits of Eating Dry Ginger Powder

benefits of ground ginger powder

To put it simply: It’s versatile! You can sprinkle dry ginger powder on your morning oatmeal, mix it into a glass of water with honey as an alternative to sugar, or add it in your lunchtime salad dressing.

Add some fresh ground ginger into your stir fry or roasting chicken for a wonderfully citrusy taste that adds life-enhancing flavor. The possibilities are endless when it comes to adding it to your diet.

Of course, the benefits of eating dry ginger powder go beyond taste. As mentioned above, this is a very versatile ingredient that can help with digestion and prevent cancer.

It is also a great addition to anyone with heartburn or indigestion because it relaxes the lower digestive tract muscles and promotes digestion. One study showed that ginger powder even helps to lower cholesterol levels by just stimulating the gallbladder to release bile more efficiently for breakdown of fat.

It also provides comfort to people who have nausea, the common cold, or motion sickness.

Dry ginger is a very exotic spice that is an essential part of Indian cuisine, especially in curry powders. It creates an amazing flavor profile and can also be used to spice up any Asian dish. If you aren’t sure how much to use, start with a very small amount until you get your desired flavor.

Adding dry ginger powder into your diet can be easy and convenient. However, it’s important to add in a small amount at first so you can determine how much you will need.

Start with just a pinch and see how you like it. Once you have determined the amount that’s right for you, then begin adding more over time if your taste buds tell you that’s what they want!

ground ginger good for you gingerbread man

The benefits of eating dry ginger powder are numerous, and seem to stem, like raw ginger, around being beneficial for digestion. For everything from nausea to heartburn, if it involves your digestive system, then ginger, whether raw or dry ginger powder, can be helpful.

The only advantage dry ginger powder might have over raw ginger is it’s convenience. You can store dry ginger powder for a lot longer than fresh, raw ginger will keep, which makes it more economical to have on hand. That being said, it’s hard to beat the lovely, fresh aroma of raw ginger in your kitchen – grating it, chopping it or chewing on it, fresh ginger is hard to beat!

So, if you’re suffering from any kind of digestive complaint, it might be time to start adding some more ginger to your diet.