Want To Buy A Gift For Your Mom That She’ll Really Use?

We all know how special moms are – where would we be without them? So, when a gift giving opportunity comes around – you know Christmas, birthdays, Mother’s Day, etc., it’s time to really show your mom just how much you care and how much she means to you.

Flowers and chocolates are always great, you really can’t go wrong and you know your mom will appreciate any gift, after all, it’s the thought that counts. But, what if you change things up a bit this time, and buy your mom something that she’ll get a lot of use out of? Something she wouldn’t expect you to buy for her? Something she’ll really like?

I bet you can’t guess where I’m going with this…

What about a pair of jeans? I mean really classy and comfy ones? 

Yesss? Perfect. 

Jeans make a great gift because she can wear them anytime at her home, office, work, functions – anywhere! If your mom is not a jeans wearing kind of mom, don’t worry – check out this article on Great Gifts for Mothers Day. It’s full of lots of great gift ideas (that aren’t jeans) that any mom would love to receive on any occasion, not just for Mother’s Day.

But, if your mom is a jeans-wearing kind of mom, let’s dive in and think about things to consider when buying a pair of jeans for your mother.

As you’re reading this article and considering buying some jeans for your mom, there’s a good chance that your mom is over 50, or at least rapidly approaching that age. 

So you should look for some jeans for women above 50. Jeans specifically designed for this age group tend to be designed for comfort as well as style to suit the age group.

Fabric Quality 

Keep in mind the fabric quality of any jeans you are considering buying. Mother’s like comfort, but they want to look good too.

For your mother, a perfect pair of jeans would be a pair that is not very tight or too loose. And the fabric should not be purely hard cotton – we want to see some stretch (think comfort) in there and this usually comes in the form of some added spandex or elastane.  

The Perfect Type of Jeans For Your Mother

You need to understand the shape of jeans as well. For women of age over 40 or 50, most will have bodies starting to change shape. It’s common for the waistline and hips to expand as the “middle age spread” settles in. This is nothing to be ashamed of,  just nature taking its natural progression through life, but, because of this, a lot of women of this age range are going to start appreciating more of a mid-high rise jeans shape – they simply become more comfortable than low rise jeans once you reach a certain age!

Best Color of Jeans To Gift Your Mother

There’s no right or wrong color when it comes to choosing jeans to suit your mother – a lot will depend on her personal style, the colors she normally wears (to mix and match with) and what’s on trend at the time of purchase.

There is, however, some symbolism associated with the typical colors of jeans, that is – light jeans versus dark jeans. Here is what the symbolism behind these colors mean – it’s a bit strange – take it with a grain of salt, or use it to help you choose the perfect jeans for your mom!

Apparently, choose light colored jeans (or even white jeans) if your mother is assertive, authoritative, or could even be considered an angry woman. This could also be true if she’s very religious, has high morals and lives by strict rules – the theory is she’ll be happiest in light colored jeans. 

But if your mother is outgoing, the life of the party, chatty and likes travelling and enjoying new foods, she might also pay attention to her looks and your looks as well, then you must go for  dark colored jeans. There are plenty of them in the market – jeans are usually dark, or at least start out that way. 

I warned you that the symbolism was strange! Use it to help you choose if you like, or just pick the color you think your mom would like best.

Straight Leg Jeans Are Good Ones

Straight leg jeans are usually best for women at this age of motherhood. Because at this age, as I said earlier, women are not ready to compromise either style or comfort. So you need to take care of both and look for a perfect combination among them, which is where Straight Leg Jeans are a winner. Skinny jeans start to get too tight and uncomfortable, while wide leg jeans can make it look like you’re trying too hard to be fashionable – straight leg jeans are perfect!

Otherwise Boot-Cuts – The Perfect Alternative

If your mom is a bit of a classy, vintage style appreciator, boot-cut jeans are also worth considering. There has been a bit of a revival of vintage and classic clothing and boot-cut jeans are starting to have another moment in the sun. So, if your mom used to love her boot cut jeans the first time around, she’ll be pleased to have them back again now.

With that slight flare at the bottom, these jeans are neither too tight nor too loose and will give a perfect shape to your mother, while also keeping her comfortable.

So, if you’re thinking about buying your mom a different sort of gift this year, why not consider a pair of jeans? Consider the tips discussed here and make a day of it – your mom will love going on a shopping trip with you and choosing a pair of jeans to suit her!