6 Essential Thanksgiving Sides You Need On The Table

Sure, the turkey is typically the star of Thanksgiving dinner.

But it’s really the side dishes that make or break the meal.

We’ve put together an all-star lineup with these mouthwatering Thanksgiving sides.


Side dish No. 1: Cranberry sauce

Forget that cylinder-shaped blob of canned cranberry sauce.

Homemade cranberry sauce is surprisingly simple to make — and packs in more flavor. With Savory Sweet Life’s recipe, you simmer fresh cranberries, orange juice and sugar for 15 minutes (add a little rum for extra taste!).

The tart-citrus bites pair perfectly with turkey.


Side dish No. 2: Stuffing with sausages, cherries and pecans

Elevate a regular herb stuffing to a new status with the addition of savory sausage, sweet cherries and crunchy pecans.

The Bitten Word’s crusty sage-and-thyme-infused bread makes this dish a perennial crowd favorite.


Side dish No. 3: Green bean casserole

Even green bean casserole purists will fall in love with this made-from-scratch version from The Pioneer Woman which incorporates cheddar cheese, bacon and onion.

Whether you top it with panko breadcrumbs or the classic fried onions, your family will love this dish — and you’ll love how it’s made from fresh ingredients.


Side dish No. 4: Balsamic braised Brussels sprouts with pancetta

You won’t have to encourage your kids to eat their veggies with this version of Brussels sprouts from Smitten Kitchen.

Braised in balsamic vinegar and salty pancetta, this breadcrumb-topped dish is loaded with delicious crunch and flavor.


Side dish No. 5: Maple-glazed sweet potatoes

Instead of the usual marshmallow-topped sweet potatoes, try Simply Recipes’ sophisticated spin on the dish.

This version features the same flavors — butter and brown sugar — and adds in maple syrup, orange zest and a crunch pecan topping.


Side dish No. 6: Dinner rolls

No Thanksgiving table is complete without a basket of warm rolls.

This year, upgrade from that store-bought bread to your own freshly baked batch.

This no-knead recipe from The Pioneer Woman doesn’t require elbow grease, so you’ll get that homemade taste without all of the effort.