How To Find The Summer Flower That Defines You

The trees are lush, the grass is green and summer flowers are abloom — ah yes, the blissful days of summer.

Wish you could make this feeling last all year long?

You can!

By capturing the season’s sweet floral fragrances, you can extend this time both inside and out of your home.

To find the right aroma, use the following guide — it’ll help you pick the perfect summer flower for your personality.

Then, breathe in the intoxicating scent of summer!

If you are … A Free Spirit

If you’re a one-of-a-kind gal, why settle for run-of-the-mill scents?

Try embracing strong aromas that evoke exotic fragrances.

Plumeria is a natural beauty that’s often used to make Hawaiian leis.

The fragrant flowers carry a fruity aroma. Many air fresheners and candles are inspired by this tropical blossom, making it an easy aroma to embrace indoors.

If you are … Earthy

If Mother Nature is your middle name, then accentuate your taste for the greener things in life and fill your home with fresh, natural fragrances.

Sunflowers create whiffs of freshly growing outdoor greenery, and their colorful blooms are gorgeous as home décor.

Dragon fruit blossoms also give off leafy green notes.

Their scent can be found in many air freshening products, which helps if summer flowers aren’t easy to come by.

If you are … Of a Classic Sensibility

Poised and proper, you prefer old-fashioned over ever-changing trends.

Traditional sweet fragrances are perfectly paired with your home’s style.

Chocolate cosmos buds have a light vanilla fragrance, and their deep purple-red hues are a pretty accent to any room.

Gardenias are another classic favorite. The fragrances of gardenias are quite popular.

If you are … Peaceful and Nurturing

If you’re calm, cool and collected, consider jasmine.

The blossom’s essential oils are often used in aromatherapy for its relaxing effects.

Tiny vases placed on bathroom counter tops will do wonders for keeping the space fresh and tranquil.

Another flower with calming fragrances is lavender.

The light purple hues add a pretty touch to the dullest of spaces, and the scent will create peaceful energy across your home.