Winter Slim Fashion: How To Look (And Feel) Slimmer

The holiday season can be disastrous for our figures: It’s hard to avoid turkey, stuffing and sweets between Thanksgiving and New Year’s.

But even if you put on a few pounds during the holidays, the rest of the world doesn’t have to know.

Choosing the right clothes and accessories can make you look (and feel!) slimmer.

Dress to impress with these slimming tricks.

Slimming Trick No. 1: Play Up Your Assets

Fight the urge to hide in baggy clothes, which can accentuate flaws. Instead, accentuate your best features.

For instance, a scoop neck can play up your collarbone while drawing attention away from your stomach.

Also avoid boxy shapes, such as cardigans and blouses that end at the hip, and opt for longer cuts. This elongates your body to give you a trimmer appearance.

Need extra help?

Consider shapewear, which will help smooth out any problem areas.

Slimming Trick No. 2: Go Dark

Dark hues have a slimming effect, so be strategic.

If your hips are a problem area, reach for a black skirt or pants. Pair that with black tights and shoes to lengthen your figure.

And consider adding a pop of red, which is another slenderizing shade.

Vertical stripes — especially thin ones like pinstripes — can also mask a few pounds.

Slimming Trick No. 3: Choose the Right Cut

When it comes to jeans, a midrise dark-wash with a slight boot or flare cut is generally the most flattering.

For dresses, look for an empire waist that’s tightest below the bust and flares outwards.

This shape emphasizes the narrowest part of your body while covering up your belly and hips. Similarly, an A-line skirt offers the same effect.

Finish the look with a belt around the waist to play up that hourglass shape.

Also, look for a long winter coat.

A lengthy cut that covers your hips will create the illusion of a tall, lean figure.

Slimming Trick No. 4: Accessorize Wisely

Whether you’re sporting jeans, a dress or skirt, adding a pair of heels will make your legs and torso seem more slender.

Long scarves and necklaces are an excellent way to draw attention to the slimmest area of your body.

To make your face look thinner, highlight the length of your neck by pulling your hair up and away from your face in the form of a sleek bun or ponytail.

Slimming Trick No. 5: Choose Flattering Fabrics

It’s possible to stay warm without looking chunky.

Choose cashmere and cotton sweaters instead of wool and other bulky materials.

And when you layer, put darker colors underneath and lighter colors on top for an added slimming effect.