9 Succulent Fruit Pie Recipes To Make In September

There’s nothing like late summer and early fall to capture all the wonderful flavors in nature.

And the weather is cooling off just enough that you won’t mind cooking.

September is one of the best months for fresh, seasonal fruit pies.

Here, a few of our favorites.


1. Lime Tart with Blackberries and Blueberries

As lovely as it is delicious, this late summer tart is a surefire crowd pleaser.

The sweet, juicy berries serve as the perfect foil to the lime curd’s tartness.

Their deep crimson hue stands in gorgeous contrast to the light green shade underneath.


2. Lattice-Top Nectarine-Blackberry Pie

According to Emily Elsen, co-owner of the Brooklyn pie shop Four and Twenty Blackbirds, nectarines and peaches both pair well with blueberries.

However, she prefers the former, because they don’t have to be peeled and they offer a brighter, unexpected flavor.


3. Peach-Pecan Pie

This Peach-Pecan pie, adapted from Nancie McDermott’s book Southern Pies, makes the perfect summer to fall dessert.

Dig into the pecan-crumb top to reveal a rich sour cream and peach filling.


4. Deep-Dish Pumpkin Pie

Chef Peter Hoffman made this Thanksgiving favorite when he used to work at the New York restaurant Savoy.

More than a pumpkin pie, consider this a four-layer pie to wow everyone at the table.

First you have the pumpkin layer. Add to that a delicious walnut and marzipan crunch. Over that, spread the cranberry layer, and, finally, finish with whipped cream and cream cheese topping.

It’s time consuming, but you’ll never be able to get through fall without making it again.


5. Gluten-Free End of Summer Pie

Love pie, but following a gluten-free diet?

That doesn’t mean you have to give up your favorite summer dessert – at all!

Quit moping and whip up this easy gluten-free galette, made with end-of-summer berries, nectarines and ginger.


6. Plum-Blackberry Streusel Pie

Some of us love a traditional two-crust pie.

Others long for a crunchy, oat streusel atop their pie.

For those who belong to the latter camp, we’ve hand-picked this recipe for its unusual flavor combination.

Baking with plums is similar to baking with cherries – they’re tart and rich and provide a deep, inky color.


7. Salted Caramel Apple Pie

For a new take on an old fall favorite, we love this recipe for Salted caramel apple pie.

After all, salted caramel tastes good in everything. Serve with cinnamon ice cream.


8. Caramel-Walnut Pie with Dried Cherries

Crispy and toasted on top and rich and gooey in the center, this pecan pie- inspired recipe isn’t quite as sweet as the original, thanks to tart cherries boiled in port, but it is every bit as delicious.


9. Paradise Pumpkin Pie

What makes this pumpkin pie recipe so special?

A layer of cheesecake on the bottom and a chopped pecan topping to finish it off.