How To Get Your Bathroom Ready For A Holiday Party

Prepping your bathroom for a holiday party may be the last thing on your busy mind, but this private space is more important than you think.

After all, there will probably be a continuous flow of people in and out of this quiet room, so why not impress them with a little bathroom flare?

Carve out time during your planning for prepping this room.



The first step in bathroom party prep is to make sure the space is organized.

Is your vanity covered with everyday items like makeup, hair dryers, toothpaste and face wash?

Find empty drawers or closets to store these products.

The room will be easier to clean, look less cluttered, and you’ll have more space for decorative items.



Now that you’ve organized, grab your cleaning supplies.

“The one spot in your home that should be shiny and spotless are the restrooms,” says Seri Kertzner, founder of Little Miss Party Planner.

People are typically distracted at parties, but in the private bathroom, they’ll likely notice a clean versus dirty space.

Focus on the vanity and toilet (a shower curtain can hide soap scum), and be sure to vacuum or wash any bathmats.

Always be sure to keep a visible air freshener spray available for guests, or look for a plug-in freshener.



Don’t overlook the bathroom when it comes to party decorations.

“Lay out nice hand towels for your guests,” says professional party thrower Julia Lake. “I have an embroidered linen set that only comes out for parties.”

Look for inexpensive seasonal linens with snowflake patterns, or in holiday colors like red, silver or gold.

Just as you would in any other room, help guests feel comfortable in this space.

“Light a candle and place a small bud vase in the bathroom to make for a pleasant experience,” says Kertnzer. Small flowers and candles not only create a pretty and intimate feel, but can help mask smells.

For added décor, swap out a normal hanging picture for a seasonal shot of a winter wonderland.

Finally, use the clear space on your vanity to provide your guests with an emergency hospitality basket.

Fill with items like dental floss, hairspray, stockings, lotion and breath mints.