How To Personalize The Details In Your Big Celebration

After all of the time and money you’ve spent planning a large party, it makes sense to invest a little bit more of your energy in the personal touches that make the biggest impression on your guests.

People always offer their opinion, usually unsolicited, about the party in the days after  a big wedding celebration or birthday bash.

Party goers will comment on the hors d’oeuvres, the cocktail hour, the décor, the music and the cake.

But sometimes the best way to impress a guest or leave an impression is to put in some thought and effort on personalizing their experience.

This can be done in a number of ways.

Menu Selection

These days so many people are going with gluten free or vegan diets, so offering up alternative dietary and dining options to your guests with special dietary restrictions will go a long way.

You can go through your list with a friend who has more knowledge about special eating habit, or you can ask for special requests during the RSVP process or when you follow-up with event reminders.

Paperless Post has many invitation options that can accommodate you on this.

Place Setting

Again, while some people will love your selection of flowers and colors, others may not. If you know some of your guests have allergies to certain plants or flora, then why sit them at a table that might make them uncomfortable?

And if your college roommate is coming, make sure you have her favorite flowers and dessert made just for her. She’ll remember that more than anything!


Everyone has smart phones with fancy cameras these days, but a really nice old-school touch at a wedding party is to leave a disposable camera on each table and then collect them just before the party ends.

This way the hosts can have the cameras developed and see some of the fun faces they may have missed during the actual party.

Then they can put together an edited slide show and send them to their guests after the party is over.

This is a way for the guests to give back to the host by giving them some fun mementos of the party that belong to them.

Throwing a big party is a lot of work and you won’t please and impress everyone.

But sometimes pleasing those you love the most with a personal touch will make the biggest impression.