5 Multitask Cleaners You Should Have In Your Home

Chances are, you wear multiple hats at home — chauffeur, cook and director of upkeep, to name a few.

So why not apply that same principle to your cleaning tools?

By stocking up on the right multitasking products, you can cut down on clutter while saving time and money.

Talk about a clean sweep!

Multitasking Tool No. 1: All-Purpose Spray

Skip different cleaners for counters and bathrooms, and opt for one all-purpose spray.

To save even more cash, consider whipping up your own from vinegar and baking soda.

Multitasking Tool No. 2: Fabric refresher

A bottle of this spray can be used to freshen up anything: couches, curtains, carpets and more.

You can also use it to eliminate musty odors of any of those winter clothes and shoes you’re bringing out of storage.

Multitasking Cleaner No. 3: Baking soda

Is there any single item more multipurpose than baking soda?

You can drop it in laundry to clean your clothing better, mix it with water to make a paste that shines silver, and use it to clean the oven.

Mixed with vinegar, it also works as an all-natural way to unclog sinks.

Multitasking Cleaner No. 4: Microfiber cloths

Dust clings to these reusable cloths, which can also double as dishcloths and window cleaners.

Multitasking Cleaner No. 5: Vacuum

There’s no need to trot out the broom when you have a good-quality vacuum cleaner.

Vacuuming hardwood floors can suck up dust and debris in a jiffy.