How To Build A Perfect Patio On A Budget

We all dream of having our very own backyard oasis — a place to retreat when you need to take a beat from lunch-making, day camp drop-offs and, well, everything else.

So why not make your own outdoor sanctuary this summer?

We found the most inspiring patio ideas to help you.

Get ready to discover how to turn your dream into a reality.


Build a Greek style patio

White concrete and outdoor accents bring your backyard to Greece in an easy and stylish way.

A neutral backdrop enhances the surrounding nature, whether that’s the ocean, pool, or trees and potted plants.

For a Santorini-like oasis, hang white outdoor curtains around your patio.

They look beautiful when blowing in the breeze while providing some shade from the sun’s rays.


Build a bright and bold patio

Bright flowers perfectly capture the sunny season.

Outfitting your outdoor space with pops of color will spruce up your lawn, deck or patio instantly.

Don’t have a lot of space for flowers?

Consider growing vertically: Hang potted flowers to your fence. Bright blooms will create a contrast of wood and whimsy.


Build a minimalist patio

The key to a modern outdoor space begins with some sleek patio furniture.

Look for pieces with interesting shapes and materials. Bold colors set against a neutral setting also makes for a contemporary look.

We love the contrast of bright orange, lush greens and wood slate.

While a cool modern space may fit your personal style, achieving the minimalist look can still be taxing on your wallet.

When shopping, keep your dimensions in mind — a small table and chairs may be better-suited (and less expensive) than a large piece.

Spray-painting your existing patio furniture with a chrome finish can also give your old set an updated modern edge.


Patio Lust: Moroccan Hideout

Where better to escape than your own Moroccan-inspired paradise?

You’ll feel worlds away from everyday worries while lounging on comfy cushions and sipping on some tea.

Lanterns are a perfect way to add some Moroccan flair to your deck or patio.

Make a fun project out of personalizing them to your taste – add gems, colored candles or glass-painted designs.


Build a rustic glam patio

To dress up your outdoor area, think shabby-chic décor.

Pretty pinks and crystal accents paired with rustic wood furniture creates a homey setting.

Make a glamorous statement by hanging an outdoor chandelier.

If you don’t want to run an extension cord through your yard, hang it from a tree and trade out the light bulbs for fake candles.


Build a tropical tiki patio

What says summer fun more than a tiki-inspired backyard?

If you’re ready to dance the summer nights away with a drink in hand, set the mood with a tropical touch. Lanterns, palms and — of course – a tiki bar can elevate a ho-hum patio to tropical status.

While a large deck and barbecue is an ideal setting for a tiki bar, you can also transform smaller spaces.

Try adding exotic accessories, potted plants and a small free-standing bar. Grass skirts are optional!