5 Easy Halloween Décor Projects Kids Can Make

Get your kids revved up for Halloween by designating them the official decorators of the season!

Not only will it save you the trouble of having to hang, glue and paint all by yourself, but it will also give your kids the chance to create spooky décor they’re proud of.

Plus, they’re much less likely to be afraid of Halloween decorations they’ve made themselves.

Here are a few fun and wallet-friendly DIY Halloween décor ideas your kids can make:

1. Pumpkin Painting

Let’s be honest: Carving pumpkins is a mess that also requires sharp tools.

Skip the carving this year and focus on painting instead.

For a fun twist, paint the pumpkin canvases black or white. Or skip the spook altogether and go for glitter!

Once dry, you’ll have pumpkins that are more chic than shriek.

2. Haunted House

Planning on having company over?

Let the kids give your home a haunted house feel. Covering furniture with white sheets is a silly, fun and mess-free activity.

It’s also a quick and inexpensive way to decorate big for your guests.

First, remove any items from chairs, tables and couches, then have the kids cover them with sheets.

Be sure to place items back on your furniture to keep your “haunted” house functional.

3. Cheesecloth Ghosts

Here’s a clever way to make ghosts that seem to just float in place!

This project requires a little more prep on your end, but the end result is worth it.

All you need is two cups, a small ball, cornstarch, water and cheesecloth.

4. Dangling Spiders

Perhaps the most flexible of all craft ideas (pun fully intended), pipe cleaner spiders hanging from their webs makes for impressive entryway décor.

Give your kids some black pipe cleaners and show them how to twist and bend them into spidery shapes.

You can dress them up with googly eyes and glue or a construction-paper top hat.

When you’re done, hang them on your walls with dental floss.

5. Skeleton Art

Get rid of old pasta by letting your kids use noodles to create skeleton art — skulls, mandibles, rib cages and more.

To start, print out pictures of skeletal systems for inspiration (and a sneaky science lesson!).

Then have your kids recreate the skeletal parts by gluing pasta on black construction paper.

Once they’ve labeled each system with the correct scientific name, hang up the art around the house.

Like with any art project, have your kids sign the bottom to boost their decorating pride.

And who knows … all the DIY décor fun just might help take their minds off the candy that’s to come!