How To Prepare And Beautify Your Guest Room

Many guest rooms function as impromptu storage rooms for exercise equipment and make-shift offices.

If prepping these spaces for holiday guests seems like a chore to you, try these quick guest room ideas to make last-minute setup a breeze.

Create an Inviting Space

Make visitors feel welcomed and comfortable by giving the guest room a mini design makeover.

“I like my guests to feel like they are having a mini-vacation,” says Tina Ramchandani, an interior designer at Franklin Eighth who blogs at Life in Sketch.

“I add ambient lighting, crisp white sheets, and if there is room, a comfortable chair or loveseat.”

Keep in mind that these items don’t need to be brand new.

You could even put the high thread-count spare sheets for your bed on the guest bed, or switch in a floor lamp from another room.

But it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for those last-minute guests with an already well-furnished room.

Stock the Basics

There are certain items you should always have on hand for your visitors, like fresh towels, sheets and fluffy pillows.

However, if you really want to give the hotel treatment, you can go above and beyond like Ramchandani.

“I always leave a set of slippers and a robe,” she says, “so my guests feel at home and comfortable.”

Take the Time to Tailor

Think about what your guests like to surround themselves with in their own home.

Do they love a particular scent of candles? Buy a trio and leave them on the bedside table for a smell like home.

We all have our own levels of comfort, so your guest will appreciate catering to his or hers.

“If they tend to get cold or hot, for example, make the bed accordingly,” says Ramchandani.

Add the Finishing Touches

If arrival time is in less than 24 hours, you can still make the best of the mostly overlooked room.

First, clear out anything in there that doesn’t serve your guests, like that exercise bike that’s serving as a clothing rack.

Launder all the bedding and spray fabric freshener on upholstered furniture and any other surfaces you can’t throw in the wash.

Plug in an outlet air conditioner or spray air freshener in a relaxing scent like lavender within the last hour before they arrive.

Then your guest room will be ready for any surprise guests.