Best Aromatherapy Scents To Use Around the House

When you step over the threshold of your front door, the first thing you notice is the smell.

Your home is a sanctuary, and your peaceful place should smell fresh and clean — not like the tangle of sneakers near your door!

“Smells possess an incredible power,” says Dr. Christian Moretti, an expert in molecular aromatherapy.

The chemical properties of certain scents send signals to your brain, influencing behavior and mood.

The right aroma can help you to think more clearly, eat slower and fall into a deep, satisfying slumber.

Each smell creates a unique effect, so to truly maximize the benefits of aromatherapy scents; each room of your home should contain a different scent.

Scents for the Bedroom

The deeply rich scent of mandarin oil may help you fall asleep, according to Dr. Moretti.

This oil, which is extracted from the rind of the mandarin orange, assists in calming nerves and promoting relaxation. The warm and exotic scent of the jasmine may also encourage sleep.

Create your own pillow mist by combining water and a few drops of mandarin or jasmine oil in a spray bottle.

Take a warm bath with several drops of these essential oils mixed into the water.

Or freshen your sheets with a bedding refresher spray in scents like lavender or jasmine.

Scents for Your Pets

Does your dog go crazy every time you leave the house?

Infuse the air with the scent of lavender: A light, floral aroma that has been used for centuries to aid in relaxation.

Add a few drops of the oil to your pet’s bedding, or plug in a scented diffuser into an outlet near your dog’s crate.

Scents for the Dining Room

For your next dinner party, Dr. Moretti recommends scents such as patchouli, sandalwood, and rose.

The sensual, warm scent of earthy aromas like patchouli and sandalwood help calm and ground; deep floral scents like rose help stabilize mood.

To create a calm dining atmosphere, look for candles in scents such as sandalwood or floral rose.

Scents for Smelly Spots

To reduce odors, Dr. Moretti uses a citrus mix of grapefruit, lemon, bergamot, and sandalwood oils.

These scents neutralize bad smells while infusing the air with a light perfume.

Shake a few drops of these essential oils in the bottom of the trash can or place an odor eliminator in a clean citrus scent by the litter box.