5 Foods To Eat That Help You Lose Weight

When we think about weight loss we tend to think about cutting foods out of our diet to help us lose weight. But, what if I told you that there are actually some good foods that you should actually eat while trying to lose weight?

Adding food rather than taking it away seems to be the opposite to the approach most people would take to lose weight. But it’s true, there are superfoods out there that have been scientifically proven to help to boost your metabolism which in turn will help you to lose weight.

Sound too good to be true? Obviously, if you’re serious about dropping some weight from your body, you’ll need to do all of the regular weight loss methods too – cut out or reduce “treat” foods and increase your exercise or activity.

But, if adding some special foods to your diet is going to help you along the way, it’s definitely worth giving it a try. And, the good news is, these 5 superfoods are all tasty and easy to add to your regular diet. And, the added bonus is, you can easily buy all 5 of these foods at your local supermarket!

So, What Are The 5 Foods You Should Eat While Trying To Lose Weight?

1. Avocado

avocado good for weight loss

This amazing superfood has been well documented in its abilities to lower cholesterol, decrease hunger and reduce belly fat. The bland taste of avocado means it can be added to virtually anything without having a big impact on taste. Try it in salads, smoothies, a sandwich, or on toast – it’s so versatile and easy to incorporate into any meal.

2. Cinnamon

good things to eat to lose weight cinnamon

Cinnamon is a well-known spice that comes from the bark of several different tree species from the genus Cinnamomum. It can be added to virtually any food – try adding ground cinnamon to toast, fruit, or even hot chocolate. Add a dash of cinnamon to any homemade muffins and cakes for some added superfood nutrition. Cinnamon is known to help in regulating blood sugar.

3. Flax Seeds

flax seeds help in weight loss

Flax seeds are also sometimes known as linseeds and are a powerful superfood to add to your diet. Flax seeds are well known in nutrition circles for being a good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Sprinkle some flax seeds on your salad or use them in breads and homemade crackers – your body will thank you for them!

4. Ginger

best foods for cutting weight ginger

What’s not to love about this fragrant, popular spice? Ginger has many positive effects on the human body, one of which is helping with weight loss, and it tastes great too! It can be used fresh as it commonly is in many Asian inspired recipes, or in dried, powdered form in baked goods like cakes and gingerbread men.

Readily available fresh in the fruit and vegetable section of your supermarket, you can even grow your own ginger at home by planting a rhizome of ginger!

5. Lentils

foods that help you lose weight lentils

Common in vegetarian and vegan diets, the lentil is an edible legume. Lentils can be eaten soaked, fried, baked, or boiled and add a distinctive “earthy” flavor to your dishes.

Commonly used in soups and curries, lentils can also be made into lentil flour for making popular foods such as breads and papadum. Try adding some lentils to your next soup or casserole for some added metabolism-boosting power.

So, there you have it – 5 good things to eat to lose weight! Try adding one or more of these superfoods to your meals and watch the weight start to melt away as you boost your metabolism along.