5 All-Time Delicious Turkey Day Dishes To Try

Turkey alternative recipes

Turkey Day is fast approaching, so chances are you’re planning out your Thanksgiving dishes. Whether you’re hosting a big affair or whipping together something for your family, it’s tricky to separate the good enough from the truly spectacular recipes. To help you serve up a stellar feast, we’ve tracked down tried-and-true Thanksgiving dishes guaranteed to … Read more

5 Solid Meals You Can Turn Into A Filling Soup

Soup recipes

When it’s chilly outside, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup. But instead of sticking with your tried-and-true chili or chicken noodle recipe, consider branching out: You can turn some of your favorite recipes, such as mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken pot pie, into a tasty stew. Along with saving yourself some … Read more

5 Healthy Pumpkin Recipe Alternatives For Fall

Pumpkin carving

It’s pumpkin season — and your favorite fall ingredient shouldn’t be limited to pie — try something new this year! “Canned pumpkin puree is an excellent substitute for high-fat dairy products,” says Jackie Newgent, R.D., author of 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes. “It adds creaminess but not fat.” What it does supply: cancer-fighting vitamin A. Just three … Read more

5 Lunch Recipes That Are Best Served Cold

Cold meals

There’s nothing like a hot lunch, but having a portable meal that you don’t have to heat is important too as fall schedules get more and more hectic. Check out these five delicious dishes best served cold.   Cold Rice Noodles With Peanut Lime Chicken Chill out with this flavorfully refreshing afternoon dish. With ingredients … Read more

5 Healthy And Easy Comfort Food Variations

Healthy comfort food

When you want to warm up a fall night or turn around a bad day, it can be tempting to reach for comfort delivered on a platter. But relying on food as a happiness boost can lead to an expanding waistline. Don’t let your favorite comfort dishes weigh you down. With these healthy twists, they’ll … Read more