5 Worst Pet Misbehaviors And How To Correct Them

Pet misbehavior

Your pets are part of the family. We pet-proof our homes to keep them safe and happy, but like any child, your dog or cat can annoy you at times. Chances are at least a few of the following pet behavioral problems will sound familiar. To help curb your biggest pet peeves, consider a few … Read more

How To Make Your Own Dog Bed

Dog bed

The only thing cuter than a sleeping puppy is a one snoozing on a bed you made for nothing. With just a few materials you already have around the house and some amateur sewing skills, you can ensure your pooch always has a comfortable, cozy bed.   1. Make a cover We want to make … Read more

Table Scraps You CAN Safely Feed Your Pet

Pets and table scraps

Your husband thinks it’s cute when the dog begs for bacon. And the kids like to give the cat milk … and sneak her a few lima beans. But is it really OK for your animal to eat from the table? “In general, scraps from your plate aren’t recommended for pets because they add too … Read more

5 Ways To Pet-Proof Your Home For Parties

Pets and parties

When you’re throwing a party, you plan out the decorations, food and music for your guests. But what about the furry members of your family? A house full of people, food and drink has plenty of dangers for dogs and cats. Keep them safe we these smart steps: 1. Watch your drinks “Alcohol is a … Read more

5 Pet-Friendly Hotels In America That You’ll Love

Pet-friendly hotels

When booking your next family trip, why not take your pooch with you? Many family hotels have funny, over-the-top extras for the furry members of your clan. Doggie surfing lessons? A session with a pet psychic? Yep! These days, resorts are rolling out the red carpet for all the members of your family. That said, … Read more