Back-to-School Anxiety: 5 Ways to Ease Kids’ Fears

Back to school anxiety

The thought of sending your little one off to school may be causing you some anxiety, but chances are, it’s affecting your kid too. Here are five ways to help calm your child’s nerves — and in turn, ensure your peace of mind as well. 1. Talk to your child about his worries There’s nothing … Read more

How To Celebrate The 4th Of July Without Fireworks

4th of July fireworks

It’s hard for us Americans to picture a Fourth of July without fireworks. We think back fondly to our own childhoods … racing around the yard twirling sparklers, the pop-pop-pop of bottle rockets filling the air, everyone piling in the car after dinner to see the local fireworks display. It’s a sacred tradition, not to … Read more

Why Family Dinner Time Every Week Is Vital For Your Kids

Family dinner time

For Nancy Richmond, Sunday dinners are something to treasure. While her family sits down to eat together in the dining room practically every night (with candles and tablecloths no less), these meals are special. “My husband cooks the same kind of wonderful meals he makes all week long, but it’s different. We’re all more relaxed,” … Read more

How To Teach Your Kids Table Manners (And Make It Fun)

Table manners kids

If your child still brings his plate to his chin to shovel rice into his mouth or wipes his mouth with the back of his hand, don’t despair! It’s never too late to teach him good table manners. The trick is to help him see why it’s important — beyond just to placate you. “I … Read more

How To Bring In Some Extra Cash Online Easily

Extra cash online

Sure these are tough times. But there is some good news on the earning front for people who want to pick up extra income: “While companies are cutting full-time employees, there are still tasks to be done — and a bigger need than ever for part-timers who work from home,” says Tory Johnson, CEO of … Read more