5 Brilliant Closet Organization Tricks You Should Try

Closet organization

We love fall for myriad reasons, from colorful scarves to woody, spicy scents. But when it comes to the summer-to-fall closet transition, things can get messy. The good news: We’ve got just the tricks you need to keep your closet organized now and through the season.   Step 1: Think in zones Ready to put … Read more

7 Ways You Haven’t Hurricane-Proofed Your Home Yet

Hurricane preparation

Post-hurricane, you always meet two types of people: Those who’ve gotten hit severely and wonder what they could have done differently, and those who’ve avoided damage — thanks to luck or solid preparation. After Hurricane Sandy last year, Ira Pastor, an IT professional living in Merrick, N.Y., was unfortunately the first type. “We didn’t really … Read more

5 Tips To Always Keep Your House Spring-Clean

Clean house

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping — and you’re sweeping up a trail of caked mud leading from the back door to the family room. Along with blue jays and daffodils, spring ushers in a houseful of dirt as kids and pets track everything from mud to grass cuttings throughout the house. But … Read more

How Going Green At Home Can Save You A Ton Of Money

Live green and save

For Amie Cross, 28, saving money while saving the planet isn’t just a good idea: It’s a passion. “I’m a stay-at-home mom, and that means part of my job description is saving money whenever I can. To me, it goes hand in hand with being good to the environment,” she says. To save gas and … Read more