Interview With Erin Chase (+ Tips): Founder Of 5 Dollar Dinners

Erin Chase 5 dollar dinners

Making healthy meals doesn’t have to be difficult, pricey or time-consuming. Erin Chase, the blogger behind 5 Dollar Dinners, knows this and has perfected the art of cooking for her family of six without spending more than $5. Here, we got her secrets to whipping up healthy, inexpensive one-dish wonders.   Why $5 dinners? Erin … Read more

3 Simple And Inexpensive Wedding Gift Types (+ Ideas)

Wedding gifts

Gearing up for wedding season? For a memorable gift, skip the registry and think outside the Crate & Barrel box. To help your creative juices flow, we talked to real brides and discovered that their favorite gifts fall in one of these three categories: 1. Experiential Wedding Gifts Kitchenware is always useful, but couples-to-be often … Read more

How To Cut Back On Summer Spending

Summer spending

Kristen Hagopian of Chester County, Pa., has slimming her summer grocery bill down to a fine art. “When you don’t tell friends and neighbors exactly what to bring to a barbecue, everyone shows up with a fancy bottle of wine — more than we could possibly drink,” says the author of the self-published book Brilliant … Read more

How To Grill On The Barbecue For Cheap

Grill for cheap

The backyard picnic table, an icy cold something to drink, smoke rising from the grill. Grilling is one of this season’s greatest pleasures, and there are plenty of reasons to indulge (besides the food). Plus, less kitchen cleanup and less heat in the house also means you save on dish liquid, water and air conditioning bills. And … Read more

6 Ways to Save Huge Money On Big Celebrations

Save on celebrations

Wedding brunch for 80? Family reunion for 150? It’s the perfect season to celebrate life’s special events. And because keeping costs down is on top of everyone’s party to-do list, we asked the most fun-loving frugalistas we could find to share their secrets. It turns out a big budget isn’t nearly as important as big … Read more