How To Revamp Your Wardrobe For Cheap

Wardrobe revamp

If you’re tired of the same outfits that resurface year after year, it may be time for a wardrobe revamp. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you need to dig deep into your pockets. Hidden gems may be buried in your closet already, waiting to be rediscovered. How to Get Started Take stock of every article of … Read more

How To Give Your Wardrobe A Makeover For $30

Wardrobe makeover

You’ve got a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. What gives? According to personal style specialist Lindsay Burns, owner of Las Vegas-based Style Savvy, the reason we experience clothing boredom is because we each have a uniform, whether we’re aware of it or not. “Most women go to a store and buy the … Read more

How To Host A Garage Or Yard Sale That Sells

Garage sale

Your closets are overflowing. Your garage looks like a storage unit. Why not clean out the house this fall and make a little extra cash by hosting a garage sale? Try these simple strategies for putting together a yard sale that sells. 1. Advertise outside, in print and online You wouldn’t open a store without … Read more

12 Top Tips To Save Huge Money On Vacations

Save money travel

Whether you’re hopping in the car with the family for a weekend getaway or flying across the country, you can slash 25 percent or more off your travel budget, says Eileen Ogintz, creator of Simply follow these simple tips to total vacation bliss. Get There on a Budget 1.Book on the right day Tuesdays … Read more