How To Find And Treat Your Child’s Sleep Disorder

Child sleep disorder

It’s not just about being drowsy during the day. Hyperactivity, poor grades, and social problems are all potential consequences of a childhood sleep disorder. According to a University of Arizona study conducted this year, kids with sleep apnea are six times more likely to have behavioral problems, and seven times more likely to have learning … Read more

Why Family Dinner Time Every Week Is Vital For Your Kids

Family dinner time

For Nancy Richmond, Sunday dinners are something to treasure. While her family sits down to eat together in the dining room practically every night (with candles and tablecloths no less), these meals are special. “My husband cooks the same kind of wonderful meals he makes all week long, but it’s different. We’re all more relaxed,” … Read more

3 Healthy Family Workouts You Can All Do Together

Family workout

The mere mention of starting a family-wide fitness routine may send everyone running for cover. But incorporating more physical activity into your family life doesn’t have to be a painful and serious undertaking. Here are three family-friendly fitness moves to get fit and have fun — together. 1. Get Hooping Remember Hula-Hoops? As a kid, … Read more