6 Kids Snacks That Fight Off Cold And Flu

Flu snacks

Ah, fall. The leaves are changing, the mercury is dropping and … the air is filling with the sound of sneezes and coughs. With the average kid coming down with a cold eight to 10 times a year, it’s no wonder that you’re trying your hardest to keep your family healthy. Along with enforcing hand-washing … Read more

How To Get Your Kids To Start Saving For College

Kids college

What would you do with an extra $80,000 if you won the lottery — save it, donate it or indulge? We hope you chose saving for college if you plan on sending your child to higher education: According to most college cost calculators, that’s about how much a college education will set you back. That’s … Read more

Tips And Tricks To Have An Awesome Backyard Campout

Backyard Campout

Setting up camp close to home takes the hassle out of outdoor trips — and still delivers that dose of fresh air you and your family need. Backyard camping is also a great way to practice for the real thing — plus you know there’s a restroom close by in case things get a little … Read more

5 Simple Lunch Box Ideas Using 5 Key Ingredients

Lunchbox ideas

The new school year is fast approaching, which means you’ll be packing lunches soon enough. But you don’t have to settle for ho-hum PB&Js every day — or spend a ton of money and time to come up with unique lunches every day. Kick off the season with a brown-bagged bang with five basic ingredients … Read more

Back-to-School Anxiety: 5 Ways to Ease Kids’ Fears

Back to school anxiety

The thought of sending your little one off to school may be causing you some anxiety, but chances are, it’s affecting your kid too. Here are five ways to help calm your child’s nerves — and in turn, ensure your peace of mind as well. 1. Talk to your child about his worries There’s nothing … Read more