5 Easy Halloween Décor Projects Kids Can Make

Halloween decor

Get your kids revved up for Halloween by designating them the official decorators of the season! Not only will it save you the trouble of having to hang, glue and paint all by yourself, but it will also give your kids the chance to create spooky décor they’re proud of. Plus, they’re much less likely … Read more

10 Fun And Easy Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween family costumes

Halloween may mostly be about the kids, but that doesn’t mean parents have to give up on all the frightful fun. Consider dressing the entire family up in the same theme. It’s a great way to be playful with the whole gang, and coordinating ensembles can help you keep an eye on the little ones. … Read more

6 Quick And Easy Home Cold Remedies for Kids

Child cold remedies

As you probably know, there’s no cure for the common cold. And it’s hard to prevent, especially in children who are in school or daycare. Keeping your home’s germ hotspots clean and boosting your child’s immune system with plenty of sleep helps. Even so, few moms get through the sneezin’ season without having to deal … Read more

15 Brilliant Ideas for Some Last-Minute Warm-Weather Fun

Hot weather fun

It happens to most families. This time of year, it suddenly hits you: How is it almost winter? Don’t panic. There’s still plenty of time to enjoy the warm weather. Need inspiration? Here are 15 ideas to make some memories bonding with your crew. Bonus: Nothing’s expensive.   1. Hit the local library. You remember … Read more

5 Ingenious Ways To Make Chores Fun For Kids

Kids chores

Chores … the word itself evokes drudgery, but there’s no reason it should be dreary — for you or your kids. Just turn cleaning into a game, and suddenly a chore is just an activity by a different name. Here, Christy Palmer, mother of five and blogger at ThriftyAndThriving.com shows us how. 1. Give them … Read more