12 Top Tips To Save Huge Money On Vacations

Save money travel

Whether you’re hopping in the car with the family for a weekend getaway or flying across the country, you can slash 25 percent or more off your travel budget, says Eileen Ogintz, creator of TakingTheKids.com. Simply follow these simple tips to total vacation bliss. Get There on a Budget 1.Book on the right day Tuesdays … Read more

4 Amazing Long-Distance Train Trips In America

Train trips in America

When you think about it, a family vacation by train is a no-brainer. Plane travel is getting more expensive — and less pleasant — by the day. Driving involves, well, driving. And trains? The price is right, the scenery terrific, and everyone’s in a good mood. “It’s a very friendly atmosphere,” says Mauris L. Emeka, … Read more

How To Celebrate The 4th Of July Without Fireworks

4th of July fireworks

It’s hard for us Americans to picture a Fourth of July without fireworks. We think back fondly to our own childhoods … racing around the yard twirling sparklers, the pop-pop-pop of bottle rockets filling the air, everyone piling in the car after dinner to see the local fireworks display. It’s a sacred tradition, not to … Read more

5 Free And Easy Online Alternatives To Mailing Greeting Cards

Greeting cards online

We all like to receive holiday greetings … but sending them? Not so much. Traditional cards and letters take time and money. But thanks to new websites and tools, plus your own creativity, you can make merry for free — and skip the trip to the post office. Cheers! 1. Put Words Into Action! This … Read more

7 Secrets To Cut Down On Thanksgiving Costs

Cheap thanksgiving

Every year, the American Farm Bureau Federation announces how much the average cook will spend on a Thanksgiving feast for 10. And every year, many of us just roll our eyes: “Last year they said it would cost $42.91 for everything,” says veteran Thanksgiving host Carol Reiman of Mountain Lakes, N.J. “I easily spend that … Read more