How To Personalize The Details In Your Big Celebration

Details of celebration

After all of the time and money you’ve spent planning a large party, it makes sense to invest a little bit more of your energy in the personal touches that make the biggest impression on your guests. People always offer their opinion, usually unsolicited, about the party in the days after  a big wedding celebration … Read more

4 Steps To Create An Inviting Holiday Party Entryway

Party entryway

As you ready your home to host a holiday party, the focus is typically on the main rooms guests will spend time in. But having an entryway make an impression is equally, if not more, important. After all, it’s the first thing your guests will see when they arrive. Here’s how to properly welcome guests … Read more

How To Get Your Kitchen Party-Ready For Holidays

Kitchen party

Whether you have an open concept kitchen or one hidden behind closed doors, this space may be the most needing of a little extra TLC when throwing a party. The most important prep step? Plan ahead: “You don’t want to be exhausted the day of the party, and will want to enjoy it,” says professional … Read more

How To Prepare Your Living Room For Party Guests

party guests living room

Throwing a party doesn’t need to be a stressful planning process, as long as you’re prepared. By prioritizing rooms, you can focus your attention in spaces where it’s needed. What should be at the top of the list? The living room — large open spaces, like a living room, are often where much of the … Read more

5 Ways To Pet-Proof Your Home For Parties

Pets and parties

When you’re throwing a party, you plan out the decorations, food and music for your guests. But what about the furry members of your family? A house full of people, food and drink has plenty of dangers for dogs and cats. Keep them safe we these smart steps: 1. Watch your drinks “Alcohol is a … Read more