5 Easy Halloween Décor Projects Kids Can Make

Halloween decor

Get your kids revved up for Halloween by designating them the official decorators of the season! Not only will it save you the trouble of having to hang, glue and paint all by yourself, but it will also give your kids the chance to create spooky décor they’re proud of. Plus, they’re much less likely … Read more

Quick And Awesome Pumpkin Carving Tips You Should Try

Pumpkin carving

The most popular designs for pumpkins are faces — from the traditional toothy smile and triangle eyes to the angry jack-o-lantern. However, the images that can be carved into these orange fruits are limited only by your imagination. If you’re not much of an artist, don’t fret. Just do a quick web search for “pumpkin … Read more

8 Pretty Arts And Crafts Ideas To Make This Summer

Arts and crafts

Searching for a hostess gift for your next summer shindig or barbecue? These pretty handmade crafts are perfect for the season. 1. Ombre Sea Glass A bottle of wine is so passé. Instead, offer something that can hold those breezy summer cocktails. All you need to make your stemware look like pieces of sea glass are blue … Read more

5 Free And Easy Online Alternatives To Mailing Greeting Cards

Greeting cards online

We all like to receive holiday greetings … but sending them? Not so much. Traditional cards and letters take time and money. But thanks to new websites and tools, plus your own creativity, you can make merry for free — and skip the trip to the post office. Cheers! 1. Put Words Into Action! This … Read more

10 Unique Ways To Reuse Household Items And Save Money

Reuse and recycle

Recycling helps the planet — that’s a given. But reusing things you might otherwise toss offers other benefits: It can save you money and get your “junk” organized and clean. “That adage ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ is really true,” says Kathy Klein, environmental consultant for the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. “I … Read more