4 Things You Must Avoid During An Eclipse

What to avoid during eclipse

An eclipse for some is a once-in-a-lifetime event to witness. For the first time since 1979, the moon passed directly between the sun and the Earth and cast a shadow on the Earth. And, if you happen to be in the ‘path of totality’, you got to enjoy 3 minutes or so of complete darkness. … Read more

7 Stress-Relieving Gifts That Cost Less Than $10

Stress-relieving gifts

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of stress reduction. Not only are the following items proven to be stress relieving, but they’re also affordable — they’re all $10 or less. So go ahead: Pick up one for yourself, too! 1. Lavender Oil This calming scent can help you unwind and sleep better. Rub some … Read more

5 Worst Pet Misbehaviors And How To Correct Them

Pet misbehavior

Your pets are part of the family. We pet-proof our homes to keep them safe and happy, but like any child, your dog or cat can annoy you at times. Chances are at least a few of the following pet behavioral problems will sound familiar. To help curb your biggest pet peeves, consider a few … Read more

Winter Slim Fashion: How To Look (And Feel) Slimmer

Winter fashion

The holiday season can be disastrous for our figures: It’s hard to avoid turkey, stuffing and sweets between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. But even if you put on a few pounds during the holidays, the rest of the world doesn’t have to know. Choosing the right clothes and accessories can make you look (and feel!) … Read more

7 Steps To Reduce Stress During The Holiday Season

Holiday Cheer

Sure, the holidays are full of cheer. But with the social obligations and gift shopping, it’s also packed with stress. In fact, a survey from the American Psychological Association found that 8 in 10 people expect to feel anxious sometime during the season. But that doesn’t mean you need to spend the holiday time in … Read more