How To Nurture Amazing Creativity In Your Child

Child creativity

Children are naturally creative: Their napkins become hats, their drinks are magic potions, and ketchup turns into paint. But aside from being endlessly entertaining, creativity is also critical to their developing brains. Creative and artistic experiences help kids express their feelings and come up with new ideas and ways to solve problems. Studies show that … Read more

How To Use (Or Save) Photos Of Precious Memories

How to save precious photos

Many people have pictures of their most precious memories — vacations or birthday parties — shoved into a junk drawer or lying around on a computer, waiting for someone, anyone, to look at them. These photos tell the story of your family, and yet there they sit. Why do we never get around to organizing … Read more

How To Prepare For Stress-Free Camping With Your Kids

Camping with kids and family

Why on earth would any parent go camping with their kids? Between the packing, the hauling and the dirt, it’s enough to send you running to the Holiday Inn. But it’s these very same rustic realities that make a weekend or even a week in the woods the perfect glue for a great family bonding … Read more

6 Ways To Save Big On Your Next Family Vacation

Budget vacation

You may have to forgo your big vacation plans this year, but a tighter budget doesn’t have to doom your summer getaway altogether. “You just have to be more creative, more flexible and willing to spend a little extra time finding deals. And without a doubt, great deals are out there,” says Claire Newell, author … Read more