How To Bring In Some Extra Cash Online Easily

Extra cash online

Sure these are tough times. But there is some good news on the earning front for people who want to pick up extra income: “While companies are cutting full-time employees, there are still tasks to be done — and a bigger need than ever for part-timers who work from home,” says Tory Johnson, CEO of … Read more

How To Start Your Own Business As A Stay-At-Home Mom

Mom business

Over the past few decades, kitchens, spare bedrooms and backyard garages have been turned into offices. With just a few small changes and some office supplies, virtually any space can be turned into a dedicated home office. Why the renovations? An estimated five million women across the country have hired themselves as head honchos and … Read more

How To Clean Your House For Guests In 10 Minutes

Clean your house

What’s the key to getting your house spick-and-span in a jiffy? “Know the difference between those tasks you must do and those you can skip,” says Jeff Bredenberg, author of How to Cheat at Cleaning: Time-Slashing Techniques to Cut Corners and Restore Your Sanity. No one’s going to examine your windows, scrutinize your bathtub or … Read more

7 Unique Chores That Your Kids Will Enjoy Doing

Kid chores

After finishing up a yearlong work project, Maura Rhodes faced the daunting job of cleaning up her home office. “The place was a disaster. And one of the big things that kept me from getting started were several years’ worth of magazines strewn all over the place,” says Rhodes. So the freelance editor from Montclair, … Read more

10 Unique Ways To Reuse Household Items And Save Money

Reuse and recycle

Recycling helps the planet — that’s a given. But reusing things you might otherwise toss offers other benefits: It can save you money and get your “junk” organized and clean. “That adage ‘one person’s trash is another person’s treasure’ is really true,” says Kathy Klein, environmental consultant for the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary. “I … Read more