5 Very Healthy Holiday Desserts With Low Calories

Healthy desserts

There’s a reason many of us make a New Year’s resolution to exercise and lose weight: Holiday parties mean consumption of calorie-packed holiday desserts. This year, whether you’re hosting a party or attending a potluck, make a dessert that is both palate- and scale-friendly. “It’s all about trial and error,” says healthy dessert blogger Chocolate-Covered … Read more

Easiest And Quickest Crockpot Holiday Recipe List

Crockpot Recipes

Shopping, decorating and traveling may be all you can think about these days. If you haven’t noticed, this holiday trifecta has a tendency to run us ragged by the time our holiday meal rolls around. Enter your crockpot: “Slow cooking is extremely helpful for meal planning because in order to get the food plopped in … Read more

How To Make Your Own Infused Vegetable Oils

Infused oil

Flavored oils are the perfect meal accessory: They can dress up nearly any dish, transforming it from ordinary to extraordinary. Instead of shelling out up to $20 on one of those pretty bottles in the grocery or specialty store, consider making them yourself. They’re easy to whip up, and they make a wonderful gift when … Read more

5 Solid Meals You Can Turn Into A Filling Soup

Soup recipes

When it’s chilly outside, there’s nothing more comforting than a warm bowl of soup. But instead of sticking with your tried-and-true chili or chicken noodle recipe, consider branching out: You can turn some of your favorite recipes, such as mac ‘n’ cheese and chicken pot pie, into a tasty stew. Along with saving yourself some … Read more

5 Healthy Pumpkin Recipe Alternatives For Fall

Pumpkin carving

It’s pumpkin season — and your favorite fall ingredient shouldn’t be limited to pie — try something new this year! “Canned pumpkin puree is an excellent substitute for high-fat dairy products,” says Jackie Newgent, R.D., author of 1,000 Low-Calorie Recipes. “It adds creaminess but not fat.” What it does supply: cancer-fighting vitamin A. Just three … Read more