7 Secrets To Cut Down On Thanksgiving Costs

Cheap thanksgiving

Every year, the American Farm Bureau Federation announces how much the average cook will spend on a Thanksgiving feast for 10. And every year, many of us just roll our eyes: “Last year they said it would cost $42.91 for everything,” says veteran Thanksgiving host Carol Reiman of Mountain Lakes, N.J. “I easily spend that … Read more

Unique And Untraditional Ways To Celebrate Mother’s Day

Mothers Day

Mother’s Day may be about honoring Mom, but let’s face it: The traditional take on this celebratory Sunday are not exactly what most moms dream about. “Whoever thought that breakfast in bed was the way kids should honor their moms?” says Lauren Picker, a 45-year-old mother of two in New York City. “I’d much prefer … Read more

How To Organize The Perfect Potluck Party


Is the economy throwing a damp dishtowel on your dinner party plans? Don’t be too quick to cut social gatherings from your budget. Sharing good times with friends — no matter what the bank statement says — is too important to forgo. And with a little ingenuity, it doesn’t have to cost beaucoup bucks. Hosting … Read more

How To Plan A Party Low-Cost And Stress-Free

Dinner party

The weather outside may be frightful, but hosting a great holiday party shouldn’t be. If you’re game to entertain friends and family, you can make it festive and simple. How? Don’t do it all. Instead, choose one or two things and do them well — en masse. Skip the complicated and pricey array of hors … Read more

5 Spookiest Halloween Ideas To Scare Your Neighbors

Halloween Ideas

Halloween is right around the corner — along with new opportunities for frighteningly good times. The trick, of course, is finding the right activities for your family now. Younger kids may scare easily, but older ones are tough to terrify — last year’s party tricks will seem lame. And considering the economy, elaborate productions may … Read more