Is There Asbestos Lingering In Your Home? Here’s What You Need To Know

Is There Asbestos In Your Home

Did you know that exposure to asbestos in older homes can lead to serious health complications down the road? Homes built before 1980 have a strong likelihood of containing asbestos, which can lead to serious diseases later in life, such as asbestosis or mesothelioma cancer. This Mesothelioma Awareness Day, take some time to learn about … Read more

The Benefits Of Eating Dry Ginger Powder

benefits of eating dry ginger powder

Eating raw ginger has long been associated with helping with digestion, preventing cancer, and lowering cholesterol. You can find out all about the health benefits of eating raw ginger here. But, what about if you don’t have any fresh or raw ginger at hand? Is powdered ginger going to give you the same benefits? Ginger … Read more

Is Coconut Sugar Better For You Than Regular Sugar?

is coconut sugar better for you than regular sugar

If you’ve ever tried any healthy recipes you’ve found online, chances are good you’ve come across one or two that call for the use of coconut sugar instead of using regular sugar. But, is coconut sugar better for you than regular sugar? Let’s find out. Coconut sugar, which is sometimes also called ‘coconut palm sugar’, … Read more

16 Advantages Of Eating Raw Ginger

advantages of eating raw ginger

There are numerous health benefits of eating raw ginger including keeping the stomach healthy, removing toxins from the body, and fighting against cancer. Ginger is also beneficial for digestion and reducing gas in the digestive tract. So it makes sense as to why everyone needs a little more ginger in their diet! Ginger is not … Read more

Why Does Chocolate Make You Sleepy?

why does chocolate make you sleepy

Have you ever noticed that you start to feel sleepy after eating chocolate? It’s not just because you’re crashing down after a sugar high, there’s actually good, scientific reasons why chocolate can make you sleepy. Eating chocolate can make your eyes heavy, lower your blood pressure, and lead to a boost in serotonin. Some people … Read more